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Welcome . . .

Rendelsham Primary School is a member of the South East Coast and Vines partnership, Department for Education (DECD).

The school is a focus of the community having been established in 1882. At Rendelsham Primary School we aim to provide a high quality education for all students and equip them to achieve success as they continue learning throughout life. A high value is placed on all learning, endeavour and success. We promote the growth of students as individuals, each with their own unique personality.

Our school offers a warm, friendly and secure environment, where students can develop academically, socially and emotionally. We promote the use of good manners, a caring attitude and respect for self, others and property. Our school is a place where students feel safe, valued and confident.

We recognise that parents of our students are the first and most important educators in a child's life, and we work in partnership with them to provide the very best education possible.

We anticipate that time spent at our school is rewarding and enjoyable for all students, parents, visitors and staff.

General Characteristics

Students are drawn from the rural and farming community of Rendelsham and the fishing community of Southend 12 km away. Farming, seasonal fishing, small business, manufacturing, professional and semi-professional pursuits make up the employment profile for the district much of it is centred around Millicent.

Rendelsham itself is a small rural community. There is a mail service and the Adelaide - Mt Gambier bus will stop by arrangement. There are no shop facilities. Community groups include a cricket club, CFS, a craft group, Hall Management Committee and Sport and Progress Association.

Southend is a bigger community with a shop, mail service, licenced club, CFS, Progress Association, 2 caravan/camping facilities, professional rock lobster fishing facilities and National Park office. Millicent provides basic services and Mt Gambier is the regional centre. By car, Rendelsham is 10 minutes from Millicent and Southend, 45 minutes from Mt Gambier and 4 hours from Adelaide.

The students are from English speaking backgrounds. They reflect the largely independent and self-reliant attitudes of the community. The school is relatively remote which means the cost of accessing Professional Development and attending performances and excursions has to be considered. Extensive National Parks in the district provide opportunities for outdoor pursuits. There are beautiful beaches and good fishing.

Our school provides a community focus. The rural setting provides a peaceful, welcoming ambience. Positive behaviour is encouraged through respect for one another and an understanding of watching out for each other. Student movement into and out of the school is minimal.

The students attend Rendelsham Kindergarten prior to starting school. Most students move on to Millicent High School.

Approximately 8% of the students are School Card holders. Currently there are no Aboriginal or ESL students enrolled. We seek to maximise educational opportunity by encouraging community involvement and participation. Relationships with the community are strong and highly valued.

Class Structure

Class arrangement is dependent on the number of students in each year level.

Currently there are two classes: Reception -Year 3 ; Years 4 – 7.

Staff Profile

We have a Principal, two permanent teachers and one contract teacher. School Support Officers work in the areas of admin/finance, resource centre and classroom support. All staff are dedicated and professional group. The team approach is a feature of the staff.

Support Offered

The classroom teachers and Principal provide general counselling. A variety of other support is accessed through DECD support.

Students identified with specific learning needs through assessment are provided with classroom SSO support and differential programs.

Student Management

The community expects a high standard of Student Behaviour. A Behaviour Management Procedure is provided in the Parent Information booklet, classrooms and Staff Induction Folders. Students are expected to abide by the school dress code. It is a ‘Sun Smart school with hats worn in term 1 and 4.

Student Voice

An active Student Representative Council meets regularly with a nominated teacher and organise events for the whole school.

School Events

Bi-annual whole school camp
Bi-annual aquatics camp for Year 6-7
End of year concert
Annual school beach picnic at Southend
District sporting opportunities
Coastline Sports Day with Beachport and Tantanoola
Book Week

Buildings and Grounds

A stone building consists of the Front Office, Principal’s Office, Staff Room and meeting room. There are two separate classrooms and a building consisting of a classroom, Resource Centre, computer facility, kitchen, teacher preparation office, and toilets.

Each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard installed.

The grounds are spacious and well maintained with plenty of grassed area. There is a basket/netball court, vegetable garden, adventure playground and an oval set in a picturesque hollow.

A modern three bedroom government house adjoins the school.

The co-located kindergarten is well furbished with a secure, delightful outdoor play area.